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Berlusconi denounces Italy debt downgrade

The Italian prime minister has said that Standard & Poor's (S&P) decision to downgrade its unsolicited ratings on Italy did not reflect reality and said his government was already preparing measures to spur growth.

Reduction in VAT provides boost for new Spanish property

The Spanish government has announced a 50 per cent reduction in property tax, providing a boost for the country’s housing market. The slashing of IVA (VAT) on new build homes from 8 per cent to 4 per cent, applicable until 31st December 2011, has been hailed as decisive action by the property industry, especially those on Costa del Sol, a popular area for construction.

Dollar declines to record on U.S. deficit deadlock

The dollar fell against all of its most-traded counterparts as politicians struggled to agree on raising the U.S. debt ceiling and reducing its deficit.

Bargains in Greece lead to tourist boom

Substantially cheaper holiday deals than previous years are leading large numbers of international tourists to Greece, particularly the Swiss, whose currency is looking overwhelmingly strong against the euro.

Dollar falls on U.S. debt impasse safety bid

The dollar slid toward a record low against the Swiss franc after U.S. lawmakers failed to agree on raising the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, boosting the odds of a default as soon as next week.

Euro, stocks decline on European crisis concerns

The euro dropped the most in a week against the dollar, Italian and Spanish bonds slumped, while shares slid on concern Europe’s debt crisis is worsening.

Italian parliament adopts whopping austerity budget

Italy's parliament on Friday gave final approval on Friday to a whopping 48-billion-euro ($68-billion) austerity budget aimed at slashing the public deficit by 2014 and reassuring nervous financial markets.

New bailout may buy only months for Greece

Europe’s plan for a new bailout of Greece may buy the country only several more months’ breathing space before it again has to confront the prospect of default or a radical restructuring of its debt.

Property taxes? Defer them

Stop paying your property taxes if you’re short of cash. That advice may sound a little extreme but that’s exactly what Vancouver-based certified financial planner Clay Gillespie is telling some of his clients.

Bad debt in Spain construction, real estate rising

Spain's central bank Tuesday said bad debt levels in the country's construction and real estate sector are rising slightly, even though non-performance in mortgages and other retail loans is decreasing, a sign that a three-year long property bust is still taking a toll on banks.
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2018/06/05 06:41:56pm