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Top 7 Christmas movie houses

As Christmas arrives, house hunters start to think about the New Year and where to buy in 2012. But with the holiday season found to be the best time to sell your home, there is still some Christmas property magic to be found in 2011. To give you some festive inspiration, here are the top 7 houses from Christmas movies...

Greece dismisses Schengen threat as migrant crisis continues

Greece has dismissed threats from the European Commission that it could be removed from the Schengen area as a result of "serious deficiencies" in its migrant process.

OnTheMarket vs. Zoopla: One Year On

Today marks the one-year anniversary of OnTheMarket,com, a property portal that promised to disrupt the UK property industry when it launched. The agent-owned site intended to break apart the perceived duopoly of Rightmove and Zoopla. 12 months later, has it succeeded?

Abu Dhabi unveils property market reforms

Abu Dhabi has unveiled its array of new property laws that will come into force next year.

OnTheMarket reports record-breaking traffic

OnTheMarket.com has reported another month of record-breaking traffic.

French social charges for non-residents deemed unlawful

The French Council of State has confirmed that non-residents in another EU state should not have to pay social charges on income from a French property.

The changing face of Cuba’s property market

Cuba's property market is undergoing a radical change, following Raul Castro's revolutionary decision to permit the buying and selling real estate for the first time. While non-residents cannot own property, though, many foreigners claim they already do...

Vietnam scraps visas for Brit tourists

Vietnam has scrapped the need for tourist visas this summer in a move to boost visitor numbers.

Attendance up for Shanghai property show

Attendance increased for an international Shanghai property show this spring, as developers announced over $10 billion worth of projects.

Watch – Trains paralysed in Germany by week-long GDL strike

Germany's GDL Train drivers union has begun its biggest strike yet as it continues a dispute with Deutsche Bahn over pay and negotiating rights. The strike started Monday afternoon for freight and for passengers it is from 2am Tuesday CET.
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