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How much is all the world’s property worth?

How much is all the property in the world worth? According to Savills research, almost $230 trillion.

JustProperty launches Egypt property portal

JustProperty has launched a new portal dedicated to Egypt property, indicating confidence in the country's real estate.

Sharm el-Sheikh flight suspension extended

The suspension of flights to and from Sharm el-Sheikh has been extended until the end of November.

UK tourists to fly home as Sharm el Sheikh flights are cancelled

Special measures will be taken to fly UK tourists home after the government cancelled all flights to and from Sharm el Sheikh airport today.

Egyptian currency falls to record low

Egypt's currency has fallen to a record low this month, something that should prove a boost to the real estate industry.

Watch – Suez Canal expansion to open on Thursday

Egypt is due to open an expansion to the Suez Canal on Thursday designed to allow larger vessels to use the waterway, to cut transit times and to raise extra revenue.

World Bank finances $500m Egyptian social housing project

The World Bank has announced that it will fund a $500 million social housing project in Egypt, which will construct 1 million units in the coming years.

Confidence rises in Cairo property market

Confidence is rising in the Cairo property market, which has enjoyed a positive start to 2015.

How to buy a property abroad

Dan Johnson from TheMoveChannel.com joins UK Forex for an exclusive interview to give useful tips on buying a property abroad.

Cair-azy? Egypt’s plans for a new capital

Egypt has unveiled plans to build a new capital. The $45 billion plan would house millions of people. Can the new Cairo really work?
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2022/08/16 12:19:31pm