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Homes listed for sale rise as spring buying season starts

The number of new properties listed across the UK was up 13.3 per cent in February compared to January, as the spring buying season starts to kick off.

British expats still dream of moving to Spain

Brits still dream of moving to Spain, reveal new figures, as the UK's Brexit vote shows no sign of diminishing the appeal of the sunny Costas.

Gold falls after hitting two-month high

Gold hit a two-month high this week, following concerns surrounding Donald Trump's presidency, but the precious metal has since weakened, as US economic confidence continues to climb.

Brexit means bargain-hunting for property investors

Brexit means bargain-hunting for property investors, reveals new research from TheMoveChannel.com. The international portal's analysis of data from 2016 shows that international house-hunters were quick to adapt and take advantage of the UK's EU referendum.
Marbella, Spain

Expats feeling the pinch of weaker pound?

British expats may feel the pinch this year, after the pound has weakened in the wake of the UK's Brexit vote.

UK mortgage rates starting to rise again?

UK mortgage rates may be starting to rise again, following several months of record lows.

Outlook positive for post-Brexit expat rights

The outlook is positive for British expats hoping to retain their rights to live in the EU post-Brexit.
White House, Washington DC, USA

What does Trump’s US election victory mean for property?

Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States early this morning, in a surprising victory that saw the property developer beat Hillary Clinton to the White House. The property world reacts to his win.

Article 50: Brexit ruling boosts pound

British investors enjoyed a boost in spending power today, as a landmark ruling on the UK's activation of Article 50 strengthened the pound.

Global student population outpaces housing supply

Global growth in the student population has seen university housing supply fall short of demand around the world.
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2022/09/27 05:59:01am