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Global iPlayer launches in Western Europe

BBC Worldwide has today launched a global version of BBC iPlayer in 11 countries across Western Europe, with the US, Canada and Australia to follow later in the year.

Spanish commercial property market improves

The latest European Commercial Property Survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has revealed that the Spanish market re-entered positive territory during the second quarter of the year.

Euro’d be mad not to move to Portugal

The Eurozone debt crisis is creating discounts for UK buyers looking to move abroad, and Portugal is a popular choice. With house prices falling in the wake of mounting European debt, there is a greater chance for UK buyers to pick up a property at a cheaper rate.

More interest in buying overseas properties

Interest in buying property overseas has now tipped the balance versus that of property in the UK, with 67% of respondents saying it is a good time to make a foreign investment and 65% actually considering doing so, a new survey shows.

European retail real estate investment increases 34%

Direct investment in retail real estate in Europe during the second quarter of 2011 reached €4.9 billion while total investment volumes for the year to date now stand at €13.6 billion, 34% up over the same period last year, according to figures from Jones Lang LaSalle.

Teardrop island is back in demand

Sri Lanka has become a hot destination for international property investors - two years after the end of a decades-long civil war.

Swiss Re warns Europe of ‘soil subsidence’ from climate change

According to a new study from Swiss Re, “Europe is witnessing a dramatic increase in property damage as a result of soil subsidence.”

Europe homes for aspiring Indians

uropean countries like Spain, Greece and Italy are among the latest property buying destinations for Indians in the holiday home segment after prices have crashed there, according to industry analysts and consultants.

Millionaires invested more in art in 2010

Demand for art, watches, rare wines, vintage cars and other offbeat investments that set pulses racing expanded in 2010 as wealth levels of the world's super-rich rebounded from the financial crisis, a report said.

EU-Morocco institutional twinning project launched

In the context of identifying new areas of mutual cooperation and developing close relationships with Europe, the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC) launched on June 14, 2011 a project funded by the European Union (EU), according to Margreb Arabe Press.
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