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Mapped: European house prices compared

Where are house prices rising and falling in Europe? We map the official figures to present a comparison of the continent's housing markets.

Germany sees more interest from overseas property buyers

Germany is seeing more interest from overseas property buyers as its economy is regarded as more stable than many other European countries.

Europe’s pain is US homeowners’ gain

The threat of a debt default by Greece and other European countries has created financial turmoil for investors, banks and government officials. It’s also provided a boon to U.S. homeowners.

European real estate offers attractive potential returns

Invesco Real Estate believes that the Central and Eastern European markets are forecast to deliver the strongest medium term returns on the back of +3% GDP growth.

Development Minister to promote Spanish holiday homes

Five European countries will be visited by Jose Blanco, Spain’s Development Minister, in an attempt to promote Spanish holiday homes to potential foreign investors.
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2022/10/02 07:45:51am