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Wellington ranked best in the world for quality of life

Wellington is ranked best in the world for quality of life by a new report.

NHS to charge foreign patients for non-urgent treatment

The UK's National Health Service will charge foreign patients for non-urgent treatments from April this year.

Healthcare could be “deciding factor” for British expats abroad

Healthcare could be a "deciding factor" for British expats currently living overseas in Europe, a campaign group has told the House of Commons.

Why moving abroad next year would be good for you

Thinking of starting a new life in the new year? New research confirms that moving abroad is good for you.

US expats increasingly set up home in UK

US expats are increasingly stepping onto the housing ladder in the UK, as the weak pound makes property more affordable.

Singapore: The best destination for expats?

HSBC has declared Singapore the best destination in the world for expats for the second year in a row.

Luxembourg ranked best for career-building expats

Luxembourg has been ranked the best place in the world for expats looking to build their careers.

El Corte Ingles to stock Tesco products

El Corte Ingles is starting to stock Tesco products as part of a trial with the UK supermarket.

Spanish expats step up property sales

New Zealand could have its first $2 million suburb by Christmas, according to new figures.

Far East tops expat list of best nations for career progression

New research has found the Far East has become one of the top hotspots for British workers looking to relocate overseas.
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2022/10/06 10:39:43am