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How much is all the world’s property worth?

How much is all the property in the world worth? According to Savills research, almost $230 trillion.

9 reasons to visit Finland

With the dark nights drawing in and temperatures dropping, winter getaways are on the mind of holidaymakers and house-hunters alike. We round up the reasons to consider Finland.

HIM frontman Ville Valo’s home up for sale

HIM frontman Ville Valo has put his home up for sale - and you've never seen a house quite like it.

Sotheby’s expands presence in South America

Sotheby's is growing its presence in South America, with expansion in both Argentina and Nicaragua.

GDP slows as Eurozone economy loses steam

Eurozone GDP rose just 0.3 per cent in the third quarter of 2015, according to new figures released today.

Finnish investor targets Swedish property for first time

Finnish institutional investor Keva has announced plans to invest in foreign real for the first time, with Sweden at the top of...

Finnish agents enjoy record month

Estate agents in Finland enjoyed their best month in years, according to new figures, as property sales jumped.

Finland’s property market: Bouncing back from the bottom?

Finland's property market appears to be bouncing back from the bottom, as sales and prices both increase.

Watch – Opposition leader Juha Sipila wins elections in Finland

The opposition Centre Party led by millionaire businessman Juha Sipila is the winner of parliamentary elections. He will replace Alexander Stubb, who has led a broad pro-European coalition government. Sipila is likely to now become prime minister of a coalition that could include Eurosceptic nationalists.

How to buy a property abroad

Dan Johnson from TheMoveChannel.com joins UK Forex for an exclusive interview to give useful tips on buying a property abroad.
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2022/08/16 01:55:20pm