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Raises of first-home mortgage rate shadow China’s real estate market

Banks in China's major cities have started raising mortgage rates for first-home buyers, putting further pressure on prospective buyers and the real estate market.

More mortgages for first-time buyers in UK

Research has suggested that the number of mortgages available to first-time buyers has almost trebled since 2009 in what is good news for the UK property market.

First home buyers showing interest again

New Zealand house prices remained essentially flat in the month of May, with government valuer Quotable Value Ltd. reporting signs of first home buyer interest picking up as interest rates remain low and banks relax lending criteria.

UK first home buyers take years to raise deposit

Almost a quarter of first-time buyers expect to spend at least five years saving up for a deposit on their first home, according to Santander Mortgages.

Mortgage lenders launch cut-rate deals as inflation fears subside

Skipton and Woolwich are among lenders cutting rates for first-time buyers and remortgages.

More UK buyers turn to joint purchase

With the continuing shortage of finance available to first home buyers, joint purchase represents a realistic new option, but it's important to have the legal particulars drawn up to avoid complications down the track, says the National Association of Estate Agents.

Joint mortgage is the answer for first home buyers

The rising costs and increasing restrictions associated with getting a mortgage are leading more entry-level property purchasers to team up with their partners, friends or family.

Scheme to guarantee mortgages?

First time home buyers could be thrown a lifeline under plans being considered by the Treasury to underwrite 'risky' mortgages, allowing people with only small deposits to buy homes...
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2022/09/30 06:11:57am