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Move or improve? UK property sales slow in May

Activity is slowing down this spring in the UK, as more and more home owners appear to choosing to improve their current home, rather than move to a new one.

Mortgage war breaks out as rates reach record low

A mortgage war has broken out across the UK, as rates reach a record low.
Chicago, USA

American homeownership dream alive and well

Over half of Americans are likely to buy a home in the next five years, according to new research, which confirms that the American dream of homeownership is alive and well.

Reliance upon Bank of Mum and Dad hits record high

The reliance of first-time buyers upon the Bank of Mum and Dad to purchase a home has hit a record high, according to new research.

120 buyers pounce on Ireland Help to Buy scheme within hours

120 buyers raced to apply for Ireland's Help to Buy scheme within hours of it launching this week.

Where is the most affordable place in the UK for FTBs?

Where is the most affordable place in the UK for first time buyers?

Free shared ownership calculator launches to help buyers work out costs

Shared ownership has become a increasingly common choice for buyers aiming to get on to the housing ladder, but how much does it cost?

Should I rent or buy a home in the USA?

To be or not to be? That isn't the question. The dilemma facing most people today is another one entirely: to rent or to buy?

First-time buyer activity surges in UK

First-time buyers activity in the UK housing market surged in March 2016, according to valuers.

First-time buyers rarely seen, say estate agents

First-time buyers are "rarely seen", estate agents say, with their share of the UK housing market having fallen to a three-year low.
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2022/08/13 11:50:41pm