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360,000 trapped in first homes

The 360,000 first-time buyers who bought a property in 2007 are likely to be trapped in their first homes reveals new research from HSBC.

FirstBuy scheme boosts home-ownership hopes

45 per cent of potential first-time buyers state they are now more likely to get on the housing ladder thanks to the Government’s FirstBuy scheme, according to new research from Rightmove.

Five tenants competing for every rental property

Demand for rental property has surged to another record high as would-be first-time buyers fail to make it on to the housing ladder.

Buying a new home now a reality for first time buyers

A dream home is becoming a reality for more and more first time buyers – thanks to a Government initiative to help curb the cost of stepping onto the housing ladder.

Two-year mortgages ‘may be on way out’

First time buyers may find the two year mortgage is on its way out, according to mortgage advisors John Charcol.

A guide to guarantor mortgages for first-time buyers

If you are one of the millions of people in the UK desperate to buy your first home but you are being held back by the fact you simply do not earn enough – there is a shard of light on the horizon.

Stamp Duty should be abolished for FTBs, says think tank

Abolishing Stamp Duty for first-time buyers would help aid UK growth by stimulating the housing and construction industries, says a report out today from the Ernst & Young ITEM Club.

Northern England offers the best chance for young UK property buyers, research shows

While the average age of a first time buyer in the UK is 29, there is almost a decade's difference between some areas of the country, according to new research from the Halifax.

Cyprus VAT reduction for first-time home buyers agreed

Following a series of proposals, counter proposals, discussions and debates, a compromise deal has been reached on the VAT reduction for first-time home buyers.

Ministers urged to invest in house-building to boost economy and tackle housing crisis

Investing in housing market would stimulate economic growth and help kick-start the economy, says National Housing Federation.
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2022/09/25 11:00:04am