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House-haunting? 5 spooky property photos for Halloween

It always pay to be careful when house-hunting at Halloween, as you never know what kind of horrors you might encounter...

The Halloween trick homeowners need to watch out for…

Halloween is here once again and while parents and kids go door to door trick-or-treating, the real horror for homeowners is returning to find their house burgled.

Top 10 trick or treating towns

Cambridge is the best town go trick or treating this Halloween, according to new research. The Trick or Treat Index, compiled by Zoopla, analysed property values in different UK towns and compared that with the density of households, levels of road safety and crime rates - the key ingredients to a successful Halloween night.

Ghosts can have a scary effect on selling a house

Unusual happenings, such as hauntings or reported crimes, can dramatically affect the saleability of a property, according to RICS.

How to ghost-proof your home

A new infographic this week teaches homeowners how to ghost-proof their homes ready for Halloween. From the height of a basement to the correct number of stairs, some overseas property is heavily influenced by the prevalence of supernatural superstition.

Top 10 haunted houses in the world

With Halloween on the horizon, house hunters should be wary of the history of any property they find. A horrific past or regular haunting can change the value of a property investment. TheMoveChannel.com picks up its torch and looks into the dark recesses of international real estate to hunt for some truly terrifying overseas property.
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2022/10/06 11:52:14am