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August: The most popular month to find a holiday home

For families, August is the last chance to get away from the daily grind and catch some summer. But it is also the most popular month to find a holiday home.

Tourism growth pushes up Portuguese property yields

Portugal's growing tourism trade is pushing up the yields property investors can expect.

Frugal tourists drive rise in private holiday lets

Frugal tourists are driving the growth of the private holiday rental market, according to new research.

“Last chance” for holiday home tax relief

British owners of overseas property have one last chance to claim their holiday home tax relief. Writing in This French Life, property lawyer Guillaume Barlet reminds owners who rent out their holiday homes that they can still offset losses against the property under current tax rules.

Travel industry sees explosive growth in vacation rental market

Travel industry research has revealed a sharp rise in the vacation home rental market.

Irish bargains coming: get ready to grab that holiday home

More than 36 million Americans have Irish roots. If you’re one of them – or even if you just wear the green once a year –it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to strengthen your ties to the Auld Sod.

Tourists could fuelgreater demand for homes in Portugal

Portugal property agent Infinito Real believes that it could be a ‘bumper summer’ for the Portuguese property market, in spite of the country’s economic crisis, thanks to rising tourism levels.

Britons eye up property bargains in recession-hit Europe

Debt-ridden countries could offer potential for canny Brits on the look-out for a holiday home.

Year of the Turkey

On the overseas property investment radar, Turkey is still an emerging signal and the temporary suspension of Title Deed Act last year gave many investors the wrong signs. However, 2009 looks set to be the year when Turkey firmly establishes itself as a strong green light on the radar...

TV star’s mainstay

TV presenter Trisha Goddard has decided to spoil herself by buying a three-bedroom holiday home in the wilds of Maine, in the US, for £380,000...
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