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Happy parents head on holidays as UK councils scrap term-time challenges

Parents across the UK are heading on holidays with their families, as the news spreads that 10 councils have now dropped cases against those who took their children on holiday during term-time.

Ryanair changes bag fees for 2016: Will you pay more or less?

Ryanair has announced new bag fees for 2016 - but do they mean you will pay more or less?

How much do you tip when you’re abroad?

How much do you tip when you're abroad? According to a new survey, French tourists are the stingiest.

Summer tourism soars in Spain

Spain remains one of the top destinations for holidaymakers around the world, as tourist numbers and property enquiries both increased this summer. Figures released by the Frontier Tourist Movement reveal that Spain has received 7.4 per cent more tourists this year than 2010.

What’s new for 2011 at America’s theme parks

New coasters, high-profile images, along with a whole new Legoland park in Florida, are among the 2011 highlights coming to theme parks around the country.

Middle Britons to forgo holiday abroad

More than a quarter of middle-class families will remain in the UK for their annual holiday this year citing financial pressures, according to Experian.

30 percent of Brits choose same holiday every year

A recent survey from travel comparision site travelsupermarket.com has found that many British people choose to holiday in the same destination every year for their annual vacation.

Brits try to escape big freeze

Holiday firms have reported a leap in bookings for overseas holidays as people attempt to escape further bad weather in the UK...

Kiwi travel habits ‘savvy and inspired?’

Here's an interesting bit of information: a study by travel website Expedia.com has found that though the rest of the world books its holidays at the weekend, New Zealanders organise their trips on Tuesdays and Wednesdays...

Tour operators slash holiday prices by 70%

With a 'choppy' economic recovery and continued job fears, a foreign holiday may have seemed out of reach for many British families this year...
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