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Edinburgh overtakes Manchester and Birmingham house price growth

Scottish cities are now leading house price growth in UK cities, with Edinburgh the fastest-growing city in the country.

UK house prices jump second month in a row

House prices in the UK jumped by 0.1 per cent in April, according to the latest Hometrack House Price Survey.

Britain’s splintered homes

Britain's homes are becoming increasing splintered. Prices rising in the South and falling in the North have led to a divided market of real estate values, according to Hometrack's latest report.

Chill over housing market as new buyers fall by 10.5pc

Home prices have not risen for 18 months and could fall by 5 per cent this year, say analysts

House prices fall faster as demand dips

The fall in house prices in England and Wales accelerated in October as consumers become increasingly worried about the outlook for the economy and shy away from buying homes, property data firm Hometrack said.

Steady in UK

Housing intelligence group, Hometrack, has today reported that house prices in England and Wales held steady for the second consecutive month in June...

May day for house prices

According to Hometrack, the housing intelligence firm, after 20 months of price falls, UK house prices remained unchanged in May...

Market on the up?

The property market has shown signs of increased activity in February according to a new report...
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2022/08/14 12:03:23am