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How much is all the world’s property worth?

How much is all the property in the world worth? According to Savills research, almost $230 trillion.

Hong Kong: The world’s most expensive office market

Hong Kong remains the world's most expensive office market, according to research from CBRE.

Stamp duty change weighs on Hong Kong property sales

Hong Kong's recent stamp duty changes are weighing on sentiment surrounding property sales.

Stamp duty to weigh on Hong Kong house prices

Hong Kong's newly introduced stamp duty hike may weigh on property prices in 2017, experts have warned.

Hong Kong joins car parking craze

Car parking spaces have doubled in price in recent years, as limited land space sends their value racing higher.

Hong Kong property sales rise for second month

Hong Kong property sales have risen for the second month in a row this September.

Compared: Which is the best tax-friendly location to live?

When it comes to moving overseas, for business or family reasons, one of the first things people consider is tax-efficiency. But which of the top tax-friendly locations around the world are best to live in?

Housing takes up over one-third of Hongkongers’ monthly budgets

Housing takes up over one-third of Hong Kong residents' monthly budgets, according to new figures.

Caught on camera: Hong Kong’s high-rise from above

With over 7 million people living in just 424 square miles, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. Now, drone photos have captured the cramped conditions from a new, extreme angle.

Hong Kong sales plummet

Hong Kong property sales plummeted in January 2016, according to new figures, with the market on track for its worst month since records began in 1991.
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2022/08/10 01:51:14pm