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Watch – Hong Kong pensioners forced to work to survive

Hong Kong's government is under pressure to help the growing number of old people.

Optimism high in Hong Kong construction

Optimism is high for the coming year in Hong Kong's construction industry.

Number of new homes in Hong Kong hits eight-year high

The number of new housing units in Hong Kong has hit an eight-year high.

Watch – Final protest site dismantled in Hong Kong

Demonstrators from the last remaining pro-democracy site in Hong Kong were removed by police, their protest barriers dismantled.

Hong Kong protests to drag overseas demand down?

Hong Kong protests could drag overseas demand for property down, experts have said.

Watch – Hong Kong farmers protest over tycoon land grab

People from Hong Kong's rural areas have joined the ongoing pro-democracy protests to voice their anger at income inequality and the march of urban development.

Watch – Landmark Hong Kong-Shanghai stock link officially opens

A landmark trading link that is expected to see billions of dollars in trades between Hong Kong and Shanghai's stock exchanges officially opens, but figures show mainlanders are holding back from piling into Hong Kong.

New homes in Hong Kong hit record high

The number of new homes in Hong Kong is set to soar to a record high, according to government estimates.

Hong Kong protests to have little impact on property

The ongoing protests in Hong Kong will have little impact on the property market, according to one Knight Frank chief.

Hong Kong home to world’s most expensive skyscrapers

Hong Kong is home to the world's most expensive skyscrapers, according to new research from Knight Frank.
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2022/09/29 08:18:57am