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German commercial property market remains on record path

Germany's commercial property market remains on path for record levels of investment in 2017.

Chinese investors in Cyprus catch up with Russians

A growing number of Chinese investors are turning to the Cypriot property market, catching up with Russian buyers.

Half of UK housebuilders plan to step up construction

Half of UK housebuilders are planning to up their construction activity in the coming year, according to Knight Frank.

Tenant finances on the up

Despite new reports highlighting the ongoing struggle of tenants to get on the housing ladder, the personal financial picture for renters is beginning to improve in the UK.

Spain’s new holiday rental rules: What you need to know

New regulations have been introduced for tourist accommodation rentals in Spain. But what do they mean for you? We explain what you need to know.

Russian ruble set for positive rebound?

The Russian ruble is showing signs of a positive rebound this month, but will it last?

1 in 3 Brits dip into savings

Almost in one in three Brits dipped into savings at the end of 2015, as seasonal costs stacked up.

Property industry urges government to leave build-to-rent alone

Property industry seeks assurance that large investments will be exempt from stamp duty levy.

Non-farmers make up 1 in 4 rural land sales

Non-farmers are now responsible for one in four rural land sales in the UK.

Belvoir backs campaign for buy-to-let judicial review

Lettings agency Belvoir has thrown its weight behind the campaign against the unfair taxes planned for private landlords.
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2022/08/16 10:17:13am