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New industrial property tracker launches as sector grows

JLL has launched a new UK industrial property tracker, as the sector continues to enjoy strong growth.

European stocks dip after IMP chief arrest

Europe's main stock markets dipped Monday on fears that the arrest of IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Khan could hit efforts to tame the eurozone debt crisis, as EU finance ministers met to discuss rescues for Portugal and Greece.

British investors look to German property

A recent study by a leading European real estate consultancy reveals Britain's property investors are looking further afield than France and Spain for coming years, with German property, particularly the retail sector, coming heavily into focus.

Malaysia braced for impact?

The industrial property market in Malaysia is performing better than office and residential real estate but is slowing and not yet felt the full impact of the global downturn, according to experts...
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2022/10/06 10:16:27am