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Start your own Leave campaign with this private island

Inspired by Brexit to make your own private break from the world? This island for sale is for you.

Scottish island with planning permission comes onto the market

A Scottish island with uninterrupted views across to the west coast and planning permission to build holiday accommodation has been put up for sale.

Yours for $28 million: Venice lagoon island complete with ruined convent

Santo Spirito, an island in Venice’s lagoon with a derelict convent, has been put up for sale by Italian real-estate investors for more than 20 million euros ($28 million).

Shane Ritchie eyes Cape Verde property

Cape Verde property developers could be welcoming EastEnders star Shane Ritchie into their inner circle in the not too distant future, after the actor revealed he was planning to buy land on the island.

Ocean’s Edge Poolside Residences launched in St Kitts

The official launch of the Poolside Residences, the next phase of development on the Ocean’s Edge resort, took place on Thursday the 28th July.

Hollywood star Johnny Depp on his Bahamian island retreat

HIS treasure chest is overflowing with booty, thanks to his swashbuckling role as roguish Captain Jack Sparrow. So it was only natural that Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp should splash out a few doubloons on his very own island in the Bahamas.

Island of dreams

Owning a private island has got to be one of the ultimate property fantasies - and one person is now living the dream - the island of Little Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde has just been purchased by a private buyer after it went onto the open market for the first time in 40 years...

Green with island envy

Owning your own island has got to be high on the list of most people's ultimate property fantasies - and here's your chance - a beautiful seven acre island off the swanky Emerald Coast in north-east Sardinia has come onto the market...
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2022/10/03 01:27:45am