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Not only landlords will suffer from buy-to-let tax change

Not only landlords will suffer from the UK's proposed buy-to-let tax change, industry experts warn.

Buy-to-let investors snap up homes ahead of April stamp duty deadline

Buy-to-let investors have stepped up activity in the UK ahead of April's stamp duty deadline.

1 week left to fight “unlawful” landlord tax grab

From April 2017, a buy-to-let tax hike in the UK could put small landlords out of business - but landlords still have a chance to fight back.

Italy still offers “excellent value for money”

Italy's property market still offers "excellent value for money", say agents, as foreign buyers begin to return to country.

UK Housing Bill dubbed “law-making at its worst” ahead of final debate

The UK's new Housing Bill has been dubbed "law-making at its worst" ahead of its final debate in the House of Commons today.

Almost all US tenants do want to buy a home

Homeownership is at almost a 30-year low in the US, but despite common misconception, young renters really do want to buy.

Landlords campaign against UK buy-to-let plans

Landlords are campaigning in force against changes to the UK's buy-to-let sector.

Number of unbuilt homes with planning permission hits record high

The number of unbuilt homes in England with planning permission already in place has reached a record high, according to new research.

Schengen Zone under threat, as Denmark tightens border controls

The future of the Schengen Zone could be in danger, as Denmark has become the latest country to tighten its border controls.

Watch – Stripping dual nationals of French citizenship

Dual passport holders could lose their French citizenship if they're convicted of terrorism offences. France is on high alert following the Paris attacks which killed 130 people on November 13. Three days later, President Francois Hollande proposed a citizenship law aimed at deterring similar attacks. The law is controversial; human rights groups says it implicitly targets French Muslims.
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