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London to launch inquiry into foreign property investment

London is launching an inquiry in the level of foreign investment in its property.

Apple to make London home at Battersea Power Station

Apple is making Battersea Power Station its home with the launch of a new London campus.

London’s skyscrapers defy Brexit, as Hong Kong holds onto top spot

Hong Kong held its top spot in Knight Frank's latest Skyscraper Index, but London's commercial buildings are defying Brexit to retain its record rents.

The ugliest building of the year?

Lincoln Plaza in London has been awarded the Carbuncle Cup - the prize for the ugliest new building of the year.

How not to sell your home?

Horror movie fans will be in for a frightful treat when they see this home for sale in London - but the listing's secret surprise has scared buyers across the UK...

Spire: Western Europe’s tallest tower is coming to London

Western Europe's tallest residential tower is coming soon to London. Called Spire London, the tower will be launched in October by Greenland Group, The...

What would the Great Fire of London cost today?

350 years ago today, the Great Fire of London began in a tiny bakery on Pudding Lane. Three days later and 13,200 homes were destroyed. What would the fire cost in today's terms?
Photo: LLDC

West Ham wins the 2016 property Premier League

If the Premier League were decided by house prices, West Ham would win the league, reveals new research from Nationwide.

Night Tube: Full steam ahead for landlords?

London's new Night Tube launches this weekend, bringing 24-hour trains to the UK capital on Fridays and Saturdays. With property prices and rents expected to rise, does it spell full steam ahead for buy-to-let investors?

Olympic legacy: London 2012 boroughs see house prices race ahead

The six Olympic boroughs for London 2012 have seen house prices race ahead of the rest of the UK capital in the four years since the tournament.
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2022/08/14 12:04:08am