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Yours from £95k: The world’s strangest summer houses

Every year in London's Hyde Park, the Serpentine Gallery builds a temporary pavilion designed by different guest architects. For 2016, they've commissioned four summer houses to go with them - and they're actually for sale.

Where is the most affordable place in the UK for FTBs?

Where is the most affordable place in the UK for first time buyers?

For sale: London’s most expensive apartment

London's most expensive apartment is now for sale. The price tag? An eye-watering £150 million.

Chinese buyers take advantage of Brexit bargains

A growing number of Chinese buyers are taking advantage of property bargains available in the wake of the UK's EU referendum.

Demand for office space in Europe outstrips supply

Demand for office space is outstripping supply in Europe, as businesses expand across the continent.

UK house prices fall, but not because of Brexit

UK house prices fell in May 2016, as the UK prepares to vote on its future within the EU. The fear of a Brexit, though, is not necessarily the cause.

You can now fly from London to China for £7 (sort of)

You can now fly from London to China for just £7, thanks to a new launch offer from a Chinese airline.

Dubai closes gap with London among international retailers

London remains the top city in the world for international retailers, but Dubai is closing the gap.

Investors requesting Brexit clauses ahead of EU referendum?

Some investors are reportedly requesting Brexit clauses ahead of the UK's referendum, to protect them should the country vote to leave the European Union.

Sadiq Khan says cupboard is “bare” for London housing

New Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has accused the previous mayor of "leaving the cupboard bare", when it comes to tackling London's housing shortage.
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2022/10/07 05:43:12am