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US mortgage rates fall to 2017 low

The 30-year US mortgage rate has hit a new low this week, despite the Fed Reserve's recent decision to raise rates. How long can rates stay low for?
Cormet de Roselend, Savoie, France

Low mortgage rates in France keep bringing in Brits

Low mortgage rates in France continue to bring in British buyers, as banks resist the pressure to hike lending costs.

UK mortgage arrears fall to record low

The number of properties repossessed in the UK fell again in 2016.

Buy-to-let mortgage rates on the up

Buy-to-let mortgage rates in the UK are on the up again.

Rising interest rates main concern for Americans

More than half of current home shoppers in the USA consider rising interest rates to be among the top factors impacting their ability to purchase a home.

Mapped: What does the Fed’s US rate hike mean for property?

The US Federal Reserve has decided to raise interest rates by 0.25 per cent. What does it mean for housing? We map out some of the impact.

UK mortgage rates starting to rise again?

UK mortgage rates may be starting to rise again, following several months of record lows.

How long will UK mortgage rates stay low?

The Bank of England cut the interest rate to a record low of 0.25 per cent last week, the first change in more than seven years. Does that mean UK mortgage rates will stay low for longer?

Australia set for another year of low rates

Interest rates in Australia "aren't going anywhere in a hurry" says experts, as the Reserve Bank of Australia keeps rates low for another year.

Raises of first-home mortgage rate shadow China’s real estate market

Banks in China's major cities have started raising mortgage rates for first-home buyers, putting further pressure on prospective buyers and the real estate market.
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2022/08/16 10:21:39am