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October gross mortgage lending up 13pc year-on-year

Gross mortgage lending was an estimated £13.1 billion in October, a 4% decrease from £13.7 billion in September and a 13% increase from £11.6 billion in October 2010, according latest figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

Video: Beware of mortgage scheme

An email scam telling people their mortgage contains errors is tricking homeowners out of their money. Fox explains what to watch out for.

UK sells Northern Rock to Virgin Money

The British government has agreed to sell Northern Rock, the failed mortgage lender it nationalised in 2008, to Virgin Money, the banking arm of Richard Branson's Virgin empire.

360,000 trapped in first homes

The 360,000 first-time buyers who bought a property in 2007 are likely to be trapped in their first homes reveals new research from HSBC.

Video: Mortgage rates drop to record lows

Mortgage rates recently dropped to their lowest rates in history. We talked to brokers to find out what this means for home owners and those looking to purchase a home.

Mortgage approvals slump in October as lenders pull back

The number of loans for home purchases fell for the second successive month in October, as mortgage lenders focused on targeting wealthier borrowers with bigger deposits.

CML scales back repossession forecasts

Fewer than expected repossessions were made in the latest quarter of 2011, according to new figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

40pc of mortgages not protected by life insurance

Four out of ten mortgage holders in Britain do not have their mortgage contributions covered by life insurance, according to research from Sainsbury's Life Insurance.

Lending to individuals rises £1bn

Total lending to individuals rose by £1bn in September in line with the previous six-month average, reveals figures from the Bank of England.

Video: US bank mortgage fraud crackdown

With $1 billion stolen in a month, the FBI says that bank mortgage fraud is now as important as terrorism. Two investment bankers at Bear Sterns have recently been charged with fraud. But are there any more to come?
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