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Infographic: Women more likely to move for love

Women are more likely to move to a new area for love.

Pancake: The US town where you can’t buy pancakes

As the world celebrates Pancake Day, we look at one of the few populated places in the world named after pancakes. The catch to living there? You can't buy pancakes.

Property industry urges government to leave build-to-rent alone

Property industry seeks assurance that large investments will be exempt from stamp duty levy.

Rising prices cause sales to slide

Rising house prices in England and Wales have seen sales slide, reveal new official statistics, as the imbalance between supply and demand continues to weigh on the housing market.

How Lead Galaxy helped Shankly Hotel score major sales success

Real estate marketing specialist Lead Galaxy helped a hotel in Liverpool score a major success and sell out in a matter of months.

Flying via Berlin cheaper than a UK train ticket

Travelling between Sheffield and Essex? Try flying via Berlin, if you want to save some money.

Over 400,000 plan to move abroad to get on property ladder

Over 400,000 Brits plan to move abroad just to be able to get on the property ladder.

Top 10 blue houses for sale

Today is Blue Monday, which some consider the saddest day of the year. At TheMoveChannel.com, we don't believe in such things - not least because the start of this year is the perfect time to be buying a home overseas. To prove it, we've rounded up the best blue properties around.

Where should you invest in 2016? Property experts’ predictions

As the new year begins, real estate investors around the world will be looking to new areas for strong returns and capital growth, while holiday home hunters will be scouring sunny destinations for an affordable deal. Where should you buy property in 2016? We quiz top property experts for their predictions...

High wages, low crime rates: Hart is where the best homes are

Hart is where the best homes are, according to the latest Halifax Quality of Life Survey, which ranks the Hampshire district the best to live in the UK.
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2022/10/05 12:09:06am