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Gold plunges to six-year low following Fed rate rise

Gold has plunged to a six-year low following the Federal Reserve's decision to raise US interest rates.

Tim Peake: What is it like to live on the ISS?

At 11.03am today, Tim Peake became the Brit to blast off into space in 20 years. He is heading to the International Space Station, but what it is like living in orbit?

Bye bye, buy-to-let?

At the end of last month, UK Chancellor George Osborne announced a stamp duty hike for landlords. The measure, unveiled as part of the government's Autumn Statement, follows a string of blows to the private rented sector. But is buy-to-let really ready to say goodbye?

UK government expands shared ownership scheme

The UK government has announced plans to expand shared homeownership by removing the restrictions usually associated with the scheme.

Long commutes on the up, as workers leave London for lower living costs

The length of commutes in the UK is on the up, as a growing number of people leave London for lower living costs.

Schengen Zone “still has a future”

Europe's Schengen Zone "still has a future", according to French officials, despite the emergency border controls introduced in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Plans approved for City of London’s tallest skyscraper

Plans have been approved for 22 Bishopsgate, which will be City of London's tallest skyscraper when complete.

“Thousands” interested in Right to Buy

Thousands of households across the country are signing up their interest for the Right to Buy, according to latest government figures.

Costa Rica investment climbing

Investment in Costa Rica's real estate is climbing, according to developers, as a growing number of people turn to the country as an offshore safe haven.

Homes change hands faster down south

Homes change hands faster down south, according to new research, which highlights the divide in the UK's housing market.
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2022/10/02 07:37:11am