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Auckland house price growth slows, as regions reach double digits

House price growth is slowing in Auckland, but New Zealand remains a two-tier market, with property values rising by double digits in other regions.

How much is all the world’s property worth?

How much is all the property in the world worth? According to Savills research, almost $230 trillion.

Iceland is leading global house price growth

Iceland is leading global house price growth for the first time.

The world’s longest commercial flight touches down in New Zealand

The world's longest commercial flight touched down today, marking a record-breaking new connection between Qatar and New Zealand.

New Zealand caps lending for residential property investors

New Zealand is introducing a new cap for residential property investors in the country.

Christchurch “well down road of recovery” as new homes increase

Christchurch is "well down" the road of recovery after the 2011 earthquake, with construction of new homes continuing to climb.

New Zealand scraps plans to tax foreign investors

New Zealand has cancelled its plans to tax foreign investors in its property market, following figures that show just 3 per cent of homes are sold to overseas residents.

Auckland house sales “restrained” in April

Housing activity in Auckland was "restrained" in April, according to agents, as sales pulled back.

Auckland property prices dip – but for how long?

Auckland property prices have dipped at the start of 2016, but could still be set for a rebound later this year.

Regeneration work continues apace in Christchurch

Regeneration work is continuing apace in Christchurch, as a major project has reached a key milestone.
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