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New Zealand property prices hit new record

Property prices in New Zealand have reached a new record without the help of over-heated Auckland, as government cooling measures appear to take effect.

Rental season starts early in New Zealand

The rental season is off to an early start in New Zealand, as demand surges in August.

New Zealand building consents up as Auckland supply shortage continues

Building consents continue to climb in New Zealand, according to official figures, but is it enough to meet demand?

New Zealand cracks down on property tax

New Zealand is cracking down on property tax payments by both domestic and foreign investors.

“Unprecedented” month sees Auckland market break records

An "unprecedented" month of sales saw the Auckland property market break several records in March.

New Zealand migration up

Migration to New Zealand climbed in February 2015, according to new statistics, driven by an influx of students from India.

How to buy a property abroad

Dan Johnson from TheMoveChannel.com joins UK Forex for an exclusive interview to give useful tips on buying a property abroad.

New Zealand construction hits seven-year high

Construction of homes in New Zealand has reached a seven-year high.

China fuels rise in New Zealand visitors

China is fuelling a rise in the number of visitors to New Zealand, according to new figures.

New Zealand ends 2014 with “much higher” sales than expected

New Zealand ended 2014 with "much higher" sales levels than expected in a typical December, as the market enjoyed a surge in demand.
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2022/09/25 11:21:18am