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Overseas investment in UK regional offices on the up

Overseas investment in the UK's regional office markets is climbing at the start of 2017.

Investors chase higher yields as US office market evens out

Investors are chasing higher yields at the start of 2017, as the US office market evens out.

Co-working Investments: What exactly are they?

Co-working is catching on across the globe, as the collaborative concept transforms the modern office sector. Where are the world's biggest and best shared workspace cities?

Paris office market remains “robust”

The Paris office market remains "robust" this year, despite any uncertainty surrounding the impact of the UK's Brexit vote.

Hampered by its looks: The big picnic basket nobody wanted

How would you like to work in the world's biggest picnic basket? For anyone fond of sandwiches, jam or weirdly-shaped buildings, the answer, surely, is a resounding "yes". But the distinctive appearance of the Newark building has hampered attempts to sell it.

Demand for office space in Europe outstrips supply

Demand for office space is outstripping supply in Europe, as businesses expand across the continent.

Dubai Property Market attracts Indian Investors

A growing number of investors from India are showing interest in Dubai as they look to capitalise on 60 per cent savings per square foot in the Dubai property market, a Dubai-based real estate company has said.

Innovation is key to a successful office

Emphasis on workplace productivity is misplaced and firms should focus on innovation according to new research from property and construction consultancy Robinson Low Francis (RLF)...

Brazil: invest in office space?

Brazil is booming - it's now an investment-grade middle class country and as soon as the growing number of middle class Brazilians can afford to, they visit the beaches around Fortaleza, the country's top domestic tourism destination...

Another day at the office

The improvement in UK office take-up is a boost to the commercial property industry and suggests that confidence is returning among tenants...
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