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St Kitts and Nevis: One of the world’s best citizenship investments

St Kitts and Nevis has been ranked one of the world's best citizenship by investment programs by experts, as the dual-island nation continues to attract overseas investors to its shores.

Would you pay £5 to skip passport control queues?

Would you pay £5 to skip passport control queues? That is the question now facing some UK travellers, as a new scheme is unveiled that would offer a fast-track service to arriving passengers.

British passport backlog in Washington causes expat outcry

British citizens living in America are becoming increasingly angry at delays in the processing of their passports.

Watch those passports in Israel

British tourists are being warned to be vigilant with their passports in Israel after a Mossad operative was expelled from the UK over the document cloning scandal...

Passport demand drops

With more and more Brits choosing to holiday at home in these credit crunched times - 12 million stayed close to home this year rather than heading abroad - the demand for passports has fallen dramatically...
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2022/10/06 11:14:05am