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£7.6bn cashed in from pension pots

A staggering £7.6 billion has been cashed in from pension pots, since new freedoms were launched last year.

Royal Mint sells gold bullion for pensions

You can now buy gold from the Royal Mint to hold within your pension.

Birmingham student housing market comes of age

Birmingham has been highlighted as a major hotspot for student housing in the UK, as the city's market comes of age.

Is 70 the new 30?

Is 70 the new 30? With people living longer, working for longer and earning for longer, the older generation may be more with it than many people think.

Property remains top dog for investors

Residential property remains the most preferred form of investment in the UK.

Property industry urges government to leave build-to-rent alone

Property industry seeks assurance that large investments will be exempt from stamp duty levy.

Legal & General launches £600m Build to Rent partnership

Legal & General has launched a Build to Rent partnership today, announcing plans to invest £600 million in creating purpose-built rental homes in the UK.

1 week left to fight “unlawful” landlord tax grab

From April 2017, a buy-to-let tax hike in the UK could put small landlords out of business - but landlords still have a chance to fight back.

Greeks hit hard by housing costs

Greeks are being hit hard by housing costs, according to Eurostat, thanks to falling wages and pension cuts.

Is investing your pension pot a bad idea?

Will new pension freedoms be a good or bad thing for people aged over 55?
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2022/08/18 07:56:49pm