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Greek parliament passes controversial pension reform

After two day’s of debate in Greece’s parliament, MPs voted on Sunday evening to pass a controversial austerity package.

Property remains top dog for investors

Residential property remains the most preferred form of investment in the UK.

Is investing your pension pot a bad idea?

Will new pension freedoms be a good or bad thing for people aged over 55?

Does David Cameron’s Housing Bill ignore a generation?

It has been a week since David Cameron announced his dramatic Housing Bill, but does it ignore a generation of the UK?

How property plays a role in balanced pension investments

Investment expert, George Kachmazov, from the Tranio.com website, exclusively provides eight top tips for those who want to investing in property to help build up a balanced pension portfolio

Finnish investor targets Swedish property for first time

Finnish institutional investor Keva has announced plans to invest in foreign real for the first time, with Sweden at the top of...

Will China’s stock market affect the global property market?

China's stock market has crashed in the past month, sending a shock wave of financial concern across industries and countries. Will it affect the global property market?

Greek crisis causes London demand to grow?

The Greek bailout crisis is causing demand for London property to grow.

Greece moves to block bank run, as crisis grows

Greece has taken steps to block a severe run on its banks, as the economic crisis grows.

60,000 pensioners raid pots… but what did they spend it on?

60,000 pensioners have taken advantage of their new financial freedom to raid their savings pots. But what have they spent the money on?
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2022/09/25 04:29:34am