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Landlords brace for tax and mortgage change as new PRA regulations bite

Landlords are optimistic about the future of the private rented sector, as buy-to-let investors increasingly understand and brace themselves for the new tax changes.

£27.7 billion targeting UK build to rent sector

£27.7 billion is set to be invested in the UK's build to rent sector over the coming five years.

English home-ownership remains at 30-year low as renting soars

Home-ownership remains at its lowest level in 30 years, according to the latest English Housing Survey.

Airbnb vs traditional renting: Which is better?

Airbnb has become one of the most disruptive, and controversial, online sites in the property world. But is it worth using for rental investment? And which cities are best and worst for generating returns?

Buy-to-let activity surges in UK

Buy-to-let activity surged in the UK at the end of the summer. New figures show that landlord demand rebounded in August, bouncing back from concerns surrounding rising costs and stamp duty charges.

UK needs to build 50pc more new homes every year

The UK needs to build 300,000 new homes each year to tackle the country's housing crisis, warns a new report, 50 per cent higher than the government's current target.

Families now most common occupants of UK rented property

Families are now the most common occupants of the UK's rented property, reveals new research.

What Does the Future Hold For Student Landlords?

Will changes in funding provide threats to private rented sector landlords or an incentive for parents of students to become landlords themselves to offset rising costs of education?
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2022/10/03 02:44:14am