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Property industry cracks down on portal juggling

The property industry is cracking down on the controversial practice known as "portal juggling".

Curb app-eal: People officially in love with house-hunting online

It's official: people love looking for houses online, as new research from Google reveals just how much time we spend looking at property on our phones.

Zameen.com expands into Bangladesh market

The company operating Pakistan property website Zameen.com is expanding into the Bangladesh market.

Hellenic Home Hunting on TV

GreekPropertyExchange.com, one of Greece’s premier property portals, has filmed the pilot, and is set to premiere the first half hour episode of ‘Hellenic Home Hunting™’ (HHH) in early 2012; the reality-style TV show is aimed at foreign investors who are looking to buy property in Greece.

Industry reports New Year sales surge

A number of overseas property agents and portals are reporting an exciting surge in activity as 2011 kicks off, reports Global Edge's Ashley Rigg.
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2022/09/25 12:30:29pm