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Reduction: Pennsylvania town on sale for £1.2m

Reduction, a tiny town in Pennsylvania, can currently be yours for the aptly not-oversized price of £1.2 million.

Reduction in VAT provides boost for new Spanish property

The Spanish government has announced a 50 per cent reduction in property tax, providing a boost for the country’s housing market. The slashing of IVA (VAT) on new build homes from 8 per cent to 4 per cent, applicable until 31st December 2011, has been hailed as decisive action by the property industry, especially those on Costa del Sol, a popular area for construction.

Philippines ‘open skies’ move to make tourism cheaper

The Philippines’ recent policy to spur competition among international airlines will lead to a general reduction of tourism costs there.

UK home insurance rise adds fuel to the fire

Increases in home insurance premiums are set to put a further squeeze on British middle income households this year, but moneysupermarket's Stefan Mustieles has some handy tips for homeowners to reduce their fees.
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2022/10/03 07:11:06am