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Mobile roaming charges to be scrapped in 2017

Mobile roaming charges will officially be scrapped in 2017, following a ruling by the European Parliament.

More Brits on the move

More Brits are on the move now than five years ago, according to a new study by Lloyds, as the market continues to recover from the recession.

Half of Brits take almost a year to move into a new home

How long does it take you to move into a new home? For most Brits, the process could last up to year, as people are sluggish to unpack.

Summer 2015 Budget: The UK property industry’s reaction

George Osborne unveiled the summer 2015 Budget today, announcing welfare cuts and tax increases, as well as a new, higher minimum wage. What do the new measures mean for the property market? We round up what you need to know - and what the industry thinks.

The total cost of moving home in 2015

You’ve spent too long looking at the same four walls and the same tiny kitchen; you’ve decided you want to move house, but how much does a house move cost in today’s market?

Student housing investment to top £5bn

Students may still be staying up all night revising for their final exams, but their accommodation has changed vastly, as the student housing sector continues to grow from a bunch of bedsits into a major international industry. Now, investment in the sector is predicted to pass the £5 billion barrier in 2015.

Brits spend £7.5 billion on moving home

The cost of moving home has risen by more than £400 in the past year, as fees for estate agents increase.

Moving to Edinburgh

If you are moving to Edinburgh, then you will need to make sure you plan...

Swiss franc helps gold soar to four-month high

Switzerland's decision to abandon its currency cap against the euro has helped gold values to soar to a four-month high.

Houser “overwhelmed” with agent requests, promises listings removal tool

New property site Houser has been "overwhelmed" by emails from estate agents this week, as the industry responds to its crawling of websites for property listings without their permission.
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2022/10/03 02:53:45pm