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Orkney ranked best for rural quality of life

For those who like the country, the Orkney Islands are now the best place to live in the UK, according to new research.

1 in 5 Brits to retire with just £2,500

One in five Brits now expect to retire with less than £2,500 in cash savings, according to new research.

£7.6bn cashed in from pension pots

A staggering £7.6 billion has been cashed in from pension pots, since new freedoms were launched last year.

Mapped: London loses 68,000 residents

London lost 68,000 residents last year, as Brits became tired of the Big Smoke. But where are they heading to? A new map has the answer...

Growing number of Brits planning to retire in Spain

A growing number of Brits are planning to retire in Spain, reveals new research.

Is 70 the new 30?

Is 70 the new 30? With people living longer, working for longer and earning for longer, the older generation may be more with it than many people think.

NASA unveils work on new supersonic passenger jet

NASA has announced that it is now working on a new supersonic passenger jet.

Colombian property agents brace for “tidal wave” of foreign investment

Colombian property agents are bracing for a "tidal wave" of foreign investment.

Developers move into Indian retirement sector

A growing number of developers are moving into India's retirement sector, as the country's elderly population expands.

For sale: The zoo you always dreamed of owning

Your chance to realise your childhood dreams of owning a zoo has arrived.
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2022/09/25 08:28:01am