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How much is all the world’s property worth?

How much is all the property in the world worth? According to Savills research, almost $230 trillion.

Demand for student housing at historic high, say agents

Demand for student housing is at a historic high in some parts of the UK, say agents.

Chinese investors in Cyprus catch up with Russians

A growing number of Chinese investors are turning to the Cypriot property market, catching up with Russian buyers.

Russian ruble set for positive rebound?

The Russian ruble is showing signs of a positive rebound this month, but will it last?

Watch – Russia: rouble at its lowest since 1998

The Russian rouble has struck a new record low as fresh falls in world oil prices deepened investor worries about Russia's contracting and oil-dependent economy.

Watch – Protesting drivers block roads in to Moscow

Russian truck drivers are continuing to protest over a government plan to "introduce new road tolls that they say will put them out of business.

Watch – Massive ice rink opens in Moscow

A massive ice skating rink has opened in Moscow, measuring 20,000 square metres. The attraction, at the city's All-Russia Exhibition Centre, is bigger than last year - and is billed as one the world's largest.

Watch – Londongrad: TV show on expat Russians

The first Russian television series filmed almost entirely on location in London is about to air on the Russian TV station CTC. The drama series Londongrad deals, in exaggerated fashion, with the lives of Russian expatriates, tens of thousands of whom live in London.

Watch – Russians protest against farmland being leased to China

Russians are angry over a plan to lease 115,000 hectares of land to a Chinese company for agriculture. Al Jazeera's Rory Challands reports from Chita in Russia’s Zabaikal region.

Watch – Russian city hopes 2018 World Cup will boost economy and tourism

Nizhny Novgorod is one of Russia's host cities for the 2018 football World Cup. With construction underway and running ahead of schedule, according to the city's governor, locals hope the tournament will boost the economy.
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