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Meet The Kingdom Tower: Mile-high rival to dwarf Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

As professional spider-man Alain Robert and Tom Cruise know all too well, The Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world. But all that may be about to change as Saudi Arabia is rumoured to have greenlit The Kingdom Tower, a mile-high monster to dwarf Dubai’s tower. The building, which will reportedly form part of a nearly $30 billion development in Jeddah, will contain 12 million cubic feet of space, reports Architizer. And at twice the height of the Burj, it will take 12 minutes to reach the top in an elevator. That is, if it really does exist. So far, all reports of the project have been denied by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture, despite the firm’s alleged involvement with the building. Smith had a hand in Dubai’s record-breaker, so as far as rumours go, he is the right name to fit the bill. For now, until there is an official confirmation of the ambitious scheme, here is a virtual tour to dazzle your brain - even as a scale model, it boggles the mind.

Global property investment could top $1 trillion this year

Global property investment could top $1 trillion this year, according to Cushman & Wakefield. The firm’s latest International Investment Atlas reports that the global property investment market saw a “modest” 6 per cent rise in activity over the court of 2012, with volumes up to US$929billion.

Saudi property to open up to foreigners?

Saudi Arabia's property market may open up to foreigners, according to reports, with overseas companies allowed to provide mortgages for the first time.

Watch – New FCO and Buy Association video guide to overseas property

BuyAssociation, the award-winning property media expert, has teamed up with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to produce an online video guide to buying property abroad.

Currency Watch: Sterling continues slow start to 2013

Sterling has continued its slow start to 2013 with sentiment on the British pound still low.

Jones Lang LaSalle finds global investment capital leans towards real estate

Report shows commercial real estate direct investment volume will more than double to US$1 trillion by 2030; Asia Pacific region leads investment growth since crisis.

We want your properties – all of them!!

Lead Galaxy's network of overseas property portals, including TheMoveChannel.com, attracts 600,00 unique international buyers every month. This year, Lead Galaxy wants to help its website visitors to have the widest possible choice of listings around the world.

UK overtakes Brazil in economic league table

The recession may still be hitting Britain, but the UK's economy climbed above Brazil in the World Economic League Table last year.

5 houses to help you survive the end of the world

As the world spends the last few weeks of 2012 debating whether the Mayans were right and that the world will actually end on Friday 21st December, few people are doing what needs to be done: finding a place to hole up and stay safe.

Expats in Asia and Latin America set for biggest wage rise in 2013

Australian workers can expect only modest pay rises next year while high growth markets in nearby Asia will see wages increase by up to three times that of their Western neighbours, according to the latest pay forecast data by global management consultancy, Hay Group.
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