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Where is the most affordable place in the UK for FTBs?

Where is the most affordable place in the UK for first time buyers?

Start your own Leave campaign with this private island

Inspired by Brexit to make your own private break from the world? This island for sale is for you.

And the UK’s most expensive season town is…

House prices have risen by a third across Britain's seaside towns over the past decade, but which is the most expensive to live in?

Bank of Scotland unveils new £5 note

The Bank of Scotland has unveiled the design of its new polymer £5 note, which is due to issue this Autumn.

Rising demand and government schemes boost Scottish home-building

A new £25 million fund will provide an estimated 500 new affordable homes to rural areas across Scotland.

West Lothian leads Scottish house price growth

West Lothian is leading house price growth in Scotland.

Scotland doubles England’s house price growth

Scotland doubled England's house price growth in November last year, with property prices rising by £45 a day.

Revealed: The most expensive streets in England and Scotland

Looking for somewhere affordable to live in the UK? Stay away from these places...

Edinburgh best place to live in UK

Edinburgh is the best place to live in the UK, new research has declared.

Scotland unveils Help to Buy successor

Scotland unveiled its new scheme to focus on affordable homes and continue the work of the existing Help to Buy scheme.
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2022/10/05 12:23:59am