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How much is all the world’s property worth?

How much is all the property in the world worth? According to Savills research, almost $230 trillion.

Emerging Markets Explored: South Africa

Looking for a new investment location? We're here to help, with a weekly exploration of emerging markets around the world. This week we're off...

Watch – Worst drought in 30 years hits South Africa

South Africa is facing one of the worst droughts to hit the region in 30 years. Many small farmers are expected to go out of business as food production and prices increase, especially in the Free State province.

Will South Africa’s Expropriation Bill impact foreign demand?

South Africa's Expropriation Bill may only have a "minimal" impact on foreign demand for real estate, according to the country's Banking Association.

How to buy a property abroad

Dan Johnson from TheMoveChannel.com joins UK Forex for an exclusive interview to give useful tips on buying a property abroad.

Watch – Mountain bikers gather for S.Africa’s Cape Epic race

The Cape Epic attracts elite professional mountain bikers from around the world who will have to cover 700 km over eight days.

Watch – Raging wildfires destroy homes in Cape Town

Five houses and an upmarket hotel were destroyed and dozens of people evacuated from their homes as wildfires raged through Cape Town's scenic southern peninsula, firefighters said Monday.

Bali and Cape Town offer biggest bang for Brit bucks

Bali and Cape Town offer the biggest bang for British bucks, according to the latest research from the Post Office.

South Africa’s weak currency means big bargains for Brits

South Africa's weak currency means big bargains are currently available for British buyers, according to agents.

Watch – How South Africa’s falling currency boosts tourism

The falling value of South Africa's currency is providing a lucrative boost to the country's tourism sector.
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