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From Spanish house prices and new home building to mortgages and home sales, all the latest news about real estate in Spain.


What will happen in 2017? Property experts share their predictions

What's in store for property in 2017? From UK hotels and US buy-to-let to Spanish holiday homes, we ask experts to share their predictions

Spanish property hunters turn to Playa Del Ingles?

Buyers of Spanish property are turning to Playa Del Ingles at the start of 2017, according to new figures.

Spain’s tourist appeal soars as Brits seek winter sun

Spain's tourist appeal only continues to soar higher, as Brits seek out familiar sun this winter.

Madrid emerges as safe haven for investors

Madrid is emerging as a safe haven for international property investors, with the prime market leading Spain's recovery.

France’s “ridiculously” low mortgage rates counter weak pound

France's record low mortgage rates are countering the weak pound, fuelling property sales.

Golf and Spanish property suit each other to a tee

Golf and Spanish real estate suit each other to a tee, suggest experts, as the sport and the housing market become more and more closely linked.

A Weekend in… Sucina, Spain

We take you on a global tour of our favourite property hotspots. A Bit of Background Sucina’s a typical mountain town, a nice little place with...

Catalans flood streets to renew call for independence

Let us split from Spain - the message from hundreds of thousands of Catalans, who have taken to the streets to renew their call...

Home buyers in Spain offer 20pc below asking

Home buyers in Spain typically offer 20 per cent below asking price, reveals new research.

And the most expensive street in Spain is…

Spain is one of the most sought-after property markets in the world, thanks to the country's rising house prices and improving economy. But where is the most expensive street in Spain?
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