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Ryanair changes bag fees for 2016: Will you pay more or less?

Ryanair has announced new bag fees for 2016 - but do they mean you will pay more or less?

Brit appetite for holidays undiminished

Brits have lost none of their appetite for travelling abroad, with trips in 2015 seeing the biggest rise in 18 years.

Summer tourism soars in Spain

Spain remains one of the top destinations for holidaymakers around the world, as tourist numbers and property enquiries both increased this summer. Figures released by the Frontier Tourist Movement reveal that Spain has received 7.4 per cent more tourists this year than 2010.

The summer’s unmissable beaches unveiled

If you're looking for the hippest beach in the world right now, luxury beach vacation guide Beach Tomato has come up with some suggestions for the summer.

Top five things to do on London summer nights

Luxuriantly long light evenings are the perfect opportunity to explore some of the capital's treasures after work.

Spain’s beaches designated the cleanest in Europe

Despite considerable commercial development along its coastline, it appears that Spain has managed to keep its waters amazingly pristine - 511 of its beaches have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag eco label this year, proving the nation is still a prized tourist destination for natural attractions.

Britons with homes in France face higher taxes

Around 200,000 Britons who have holiday homes in France could be charged a new tax, adding thousands to their bills.

More people expected to fly this summer

Get ready for more company if you're flying this summer, especially if you're heading overseas.

Sunny side of the street

Britain is set to swelter in a heatwave this week with temperatures pushing 30C (86F) - hotter than Tenerife...
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