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Calling all Spanish property agents! Have your say

Calling all Spanish property agents! We want to hear your views on the housing market in the Costa del Sol.

Most Brits confident about the UK property market, research finds

More people in the UK expect house prices to rise than fall in 2012, according to the third Halifax Housing Market Confidence Tracker that monitors public sentiment towards the housing market.

Europeans most likely to invest more in real estate, survey shows

Only 43% of European real estate investors report any increase in risk appetite since early 2011, compared to 46% globally, and 64% in Canada where investors show the biggest uplift in risk appetite, new research shows.

Today’s travelers are hungry and connected, says survey

Eating out is by far the most popular leisure activity for today's travelers, according to a new poll.

Real estate safe bet say Qatar investors

Amost all of Qatari high net worth individuals (HNWIs) who participated in a survey indicated that they are currently invested in the real estate sector.

84% say now is the time to buy UK property

The Worldwide Property Group reveal that confidence in property both here in the UK and abroad remains high.

Canada voted expats’ favourite destination

The North American nation beat out Australia, New Zealand and even France in a recent survey among expats of the most desirable destinations to relocate to.

Despite bust, Americans still believe in housing

Despite a bruising, five-year drop in U.S. home prices, eight in ten Americans still believe that home ownership is the best long-term investment they can make, according to a new survey.

Dubai the worst performing housing market in the world

Over the past six months, the desperately tumultuous housing markets of Greece, Spain and Portugal have all successfully surpassed Dubai’s rock bottom real estate sector, according to a survey published by property consultancy Knight Frank.

British ‘the world’s worst tourists’ by their own admission

Britons have voted themselves the world's worst overseas tourists, according to a new survey from flight comparison website Skyscanner.
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2022/10/06 09:30:33am