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Iceland is leading global house price growth

Iceland is leading global house price growth for the first time.

Sweden ranked best for healthcare

Sweden has been ranked as the country with the best healthcare in the world, based on patient satisfaction.

Inside Sweden’s Silicon Valley

Hold on to your H&M cardigans! The world's funkiest tech and travel show hits Sweden. Tune in as host, Ashlee Vance, travels from Stockholm...

Sweden’s house prices surge, as foreign investment climbs

Sweden's housing market continues to accelerate in 2016, with house prices rising and foreign investment on the up.

Schengen Zone under threat, as Denmark tightens border controls

The future of the Schengen Zone could be in danger, as Denmark has become the latest country to tighten its border controls.

Watch – Sweden’s dilemma over immigration

Sweden, which has received more than 100,000 asylum seekers this year, has announced it had decided to impose temporary border controls.

Finnish investor targets Swedish property for first time

Finnish institutional investor Keva has announced plans to invest in foreign real for the first time, with Sweden at the top of...

Swedish home struggles to overcome rude name

A home in Sweden is struggling to sell, as buyers appear to be afraid to tackle the obstacle of its home town's rude name.

IKEA bans hide-and-seek in stores

With Easter holidays upon us, what better time could be had than going to IKEA and playing hide-and-seek? The Swedish furniture giant, though, has banned the game from its stores, ending the dreams of those hoping to crouch behind a CACTACEAE potted plant for hours.

€515bn ready to invest in European real estate

There is currently €515 billion ready to be invested in European real estate, according to new research.
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2022/10/06 10:51:55am