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Bettmeralp, Switzerland

Swiss population 11 times wealthier than average

The Swiss are 11 times wealthier than you, according to the latest Global Wealth Report, which profiles the world's richest people.

Switzerland crowned world’s most innovative country

Switzerland has been crowned the world's most innovative country for the sixth year in a row.

Burmese ruby expected to fetch up to $15m

A 15.99ct Burmese ruby is expected to fetch up to $15 million at an auction next month.

Switzerland steals top spot for careers

Switzerland has stolen the top spot in a survey comparing career prospects around the world.

Record-breaking pink diamong to go on global tour

A record-breaking pink diamond is embarking a tour of the world ahead of an auction in November.

Switzerland: The happiest place in the world

Switzerland is the happiest place in the world, according to the latest annual report.

Watch – HSBC defends itself amid public outcry at tax scandal

HSBC says it has radically transformed its practices in recent years amid media reports that the banking giant's Swiss subsidiary helped thousands of wealthy customers dodge millions of euros in tax in the past.

Watch – Soaring Swiss franc may leave EU mortgage holders homeless

Around 800 Romanians with debts and mortgages denominated in Swiss francs (CHF), have protested in Bucharest for protective financial measures. Some of their home repayments have more than doubled since the Swiss National Bank removed the cap on its currency. Most of them fear losing their homes if nothing is done.

Switzerland scraps currency cap

Switzerland has decided to scrap its currency cap, a move that has surprised the global financial community and left the euro looking weaker.

Watch – Heavy rains wreak havoc along Swiss-Italian border

Floods and landslides have killed two people on the Swiss-Italian border. The region of Ticino has been battered by weeks of torrential rain, which worsened when Lake Lugano brokes its banks, and Lake Maggiore threatened to do the same.
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