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Scottish house prices at two-year high

Scottish hosue prices are rising across the country this spring.
White House, Washington DC, USA

How much would the White House cost?

All eyes are on Washington, D.C., today, as Donald Trump is sworn in as the President of the United States. But how much would it cost to buy the White House?

Agents confident Brexit will not impact French property

There are 112 days until the referendum of the UK's membership of the EU. While some are concerned about the potential impact of a Brexit upon the UK, estate agents in France are confident that interest in French property will continue to flourish, no matter what the vote.

Property industry urges government to leave build-to-rent alone

Property industry seeks assurance that large investments will be exempt from stamp duty levy.

UK government has 10 days to respond to buy-to-let tax grab challenge

The UK government has 10 days to response to a letter challenging its buy-to-let tax grab, as Cherie Blair leads a landlord fightback.

Chinese experts welcome EB-5 visa reforms

Chinese property investment experts have welcomed the proposed reform of the USA's EB-5 visa.

Strong December sets UK prices on course for 2016 rise

The UK's property market is enjoying its strongest December in almost a decade, setting house prices on a firm course for further prices in 2016.

Home buyers better off from Stamp Duty changes

Since the Stamp Duty changes came into force a year ago, the typical home buyer is over £4,000 better off, according to new research.

Brits bite back share of London property

Foreign buyers have long been thought of the dominant players in the London property market, but new figures reveal that the Brits are biting back, as their share of the market jumps to almost 80 per cent.

Demand for London prime rental property slows

Demand for prime rental property in London has cooled in what has turned into a year of two halves for the market.
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2022/09/25 06:17:18am