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Why UK landlords should keep looking North

Landlords losing confidence in the buy-to-let sector after the UK's tax changes will be given a boost this summer, as rents rise for the first time in three months.

Landlords contribute £15bn to UK economy

This month sees the introduction of new tax rules for buy-to-let investors in the UK, but despite their dramatic consequences for the housing market, new research reveals that the majority of Brits are unaware of them.

Could buy-to-let tax U-turn be on the cards?

This week, the UK government announced a U-turn on a new policy increasing National Insurance. Could the same happen for buy-to-let?

RICS: UK must “stop punitive measures” against landlords

The UK needs to "stop punitive measures" against the country's landlords, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has warned.

UK housing white paper “hyprocitical”, warn landlords

The UK housing white paper, announced by the government today, has been branded "hypocritical" by one landlord.

400,000 landlords will be forced up a tax bracket next year

More than 400,000 landlords who pay the basic rate of tax will be forced into a higher bracket from April 2017, as the UK government introduces its planned tax raid on buy-to-let investors.

Landlords’ hope of Tenant Tax judicial review axed by court decision

Cherie Blair will lead a team of lawyers and landlords to court this October as they continue a challenge to tax changes that will hit landlords next year.

Buy-to-let activity surges in UK

Buy-to-let activity surged in the UK at the end of the summer. New figures show that landlord demand rebounded in August, bouncing back from concerns surrounding rising costs and stamp duty charges.

Should landlords incorporate to avoid the new Tenant Tax?

With mortgage interest relief being cut for buy-to-let investors in the UK, 4 in 10 landlords are considering forming a company to avoid what has been dubbed the "Tenant Tax". But what is incorporation? And is it right for you?

Belvoir calls for government to reverse “disastrous” landlord laws

Belvoir, the UK's largest property franchise group, is calling for the government to reverse its "disastrous" landlord laws and help bring rents down.
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2022/08/18 08:08:54pm