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UK needs to build 50pc more new homes every year

The UK needs to build 300,000 new homes each year to tackle the country's housing crisis, warns a new report, 50 per cent higher than the government's current target.

New government – new thinking on landlords?

The property industry is urging the new UK government for new thinking regarding landlords. The private rented sector has been hit by a string of measures in the last year, but the appointment of a new PM, Chancellor and Housing Minister is the perfect opportunity for a change in direction.

What can you do to fight the Tenant Tax?

In April 2017, a new rule will come into effect that will unfairly tax landlords, ultimately reducing the number of homes available to rent and pushing rents up for tenants. With the Brexit vote ushering in a change in PM, though, a new window to stop the tax has opened. What can you do?

Tenants will bear the brunt of new UK buy-to-let tax

Tenants will bear the brunt of the UK government's plan to raise buy-to-let taxes, experts and landlords have warned. Over 600 supporters of a campaign to fight the unfair changes gathered at a rally in London last week to raise awareness of the issue.

Rising tenant demand drives confidence in buy-to-let

Rising demand from tenants is driving landlord confidence in UK buy-to-let. Sentiment among investors is stabilising in 2016, despite the government's clampdown on the sector, as landlords gather in London this week to fight looming tax changes.

2 weeks until London’s Tenant Tax Summit

Two weeks today, landlords, letting agents and others from the UK's private rented sector will come together in London for a special summit tackling the government's "Tenant Tax", which is set to negatively impact both landlords and tenants.

Decision on Tenant Tax judicial review expected “within weeks”

The decision on whether the Tenant Tax judicial review will go ahead is expected within weeks, as the legal challenge against the UK government's planned changed to buy-to-let tax rules builds momentum.

Landlords to lower investment in UK private rented sector?

Landlords are looking to lower their investment in the UK's private rented sector, as the government's planned tax changes begin to impact the market.

Interview: The landlord fighting the government’s Tenant Tax

Steve Bolton talks exclusively to TheMoveChannel.com about fighting back against the government’s war on the UK’s private rented sector.

Buy-to-let tax grab campaign to hold summit in June

The legal campaign against the UK government's planned buy-to-let tax relief changes will hold a summit in London this June to raise awareness and support.
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